The Healing Power of Work

It was snowing in New Hampshire. Children cheerfully grabbed sleds to play. Parents groaned at the fresh white icing covering cars and driveways. I walked outside with a shovel in my hand and saw a new bike, or at least the potential to buy one. A powder blue three speed bike, complete with banana seat, chrome rims, and a realistic racing shifter on the frame.

I was only 11, but work, in this instance, shoveling snow for my neighbors, represented a way to achieve my goal of buying this $65 dream bike. Today, I still feel the same sense of pride and satisfaction when I work and provide for those I love. The Holy Bible states this well;

“In toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

But, what about men and women who desperately want to work? Willing individuals who feel the embarrassment everyday of joblessness and hopelessness? How do we provide opportunity and training to put people back to work?

The Valley Dream Center understands the pain of feeling worthless and devalued. One of our strategic core values is RELEASE. Partnering with private enterprise, non-profits and civic agencies to train and inspire men and women to courageously reenter the marketplace and provide for themselves and their families again. There is an undeniable healing power of work. It heals people and communities.

When you give to Valley Dream Center, you are helping us provide real connections, to real people, for real job opportunities. If you have a job skill to offer, let us know. Your skills are valuable and needed. If you know of a business looking for workers, connect us. Together we can build up the confidence of those trapped in generational poverty and restore them to the joy of self-reliance.

Go to and see how you can join or support our team as we ‘Rebuild Independent Communities.’ Thank you for believing in this God sized dream!

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