Does God allow Mulligans?

Mul-li-gan (muhl-i-guhn): A shot not counted against the score, permitted in unofficial play to a player whose previous shot was poor.

I attempt to play golf. Notice the obvious use of the word, “attempt.” Many times I whiff the swing and watch the ball roll a powerful 230… inches. (That's less than twenty feet). After composing myself from utter embarrassment, I contritely beg my fellow golfers for a “mulligan.” An instant do-over, which gives me another try at actually hitting the ball past the red tees.

Life is full of moments where we could use a mulligan. Regardless of age, there are times when we must admit we need the help of others. Unlike golf, however, real life mistakes can take a terrible human toll. Its collateral damage can follow us for a lifetime like a hungry lion, threatening our peace of mind and robbing us of our full potential.

Whether it is emotional distress, physical need, or vocational assitance, the Valley Dream Center offers hope. Our resources of volunteers, partnerships, goods and services, provide thousands a second chance each and every month.

Last month, a local family was restored after a decade of brokenness and fighting. Each needed something different; food, drug counseling, vocational help and some solid Christian teaching. The many partners of the Valley Dream Center worked as a single unit to provide the needed resources and guidance. In short, an entire family received a mulligan, and the entire family became whole. They are now actively involved in helping others and supporting themselves. It is a victory to be celebrated.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

When you are offered such grace, you are more likely to extend the same courtesy to others. This gift has a singular ability to multiply and become second chances, or third chances, or eight hundred and eighty chances.

If we are to restore our communities to health, it will take every bit of our Rescue, Restore, and Release vision and resources. Please consider what mulligans you can offer to others, through your valuable God given gifts? You are valuable and wanted as part of our team. Be sure to like us on Facebook and share this exciting ministry with others.

Thank you again,

Rene Mulligan Charest


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