The purpose of the Willow Community Garden is to benefit our community, especially those who live in the neighborhoods that are poverty-impacted and experience food insecurity near the Valley Dream Center main campus in Fresno.


Specifically, we have these goals as we seek to be good stewards:


· To provide food for those who may not have ready access to fresh, healthy produce.

· To provide opportunity for those who benefit from the produce to learn about and invest in growing their own food alongside experienced gardeners. 

· To maintain organic practices throughout the gardening process.

· To conserve water and other resources whenever possible. 

Contact: David and Jerri Plassman

David and Jerri Plassman have been married for 31 years and have been gardening partners almost that long. As social worker and teacher, they have always had a heart for service to those in need.


In 2011, health issues made it wise to take a close, hard look at how they ate and exercised, and they joined the Daniel Plan online, developed out of Saddleback Church in Southern California, which helped them address their lifestyle choices in order to be better stewards of their bodies. They made the decision to add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet--minus pesticides and genetically engineered food--so they eat organic whenever possible and avoid processed food. Both lost weight, David was healed of his Type II Diabetes, and they enjoyed other health improvements.


The Plassmans have always been passionate about service, so it was only natural that they wanted to make healthy food available to others, especially to those who may not easily access it, and so since the 2014 season, they have led the Willow Community Vegetable Garden. Believing that organic farming is both healthy for bodies and good stewardship of the earth, they are excited to share food and their experience with any who want to join them in making good health decisions and in serving God and our neighbors through gardening.


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